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Truck accidents are among the most dangerous types of accidents often leading to serious injury or death. That is why we focus all of our time and energy into helping victims of these horrible accidents prove negligence and recover the highest settlement possible to help cover damages.

California drivers face a huge risk on the roads due to the high traffic of trucking companies. In fact, truck driving is one of the most prominent and common jobs in this state and that alone makes California’s highways particularly dangerous.

California Truck Accident Statistics

-California’s interstates I-5 and I-10 are high contributors to truck accident statistics, averaging over 1,000 trucking accidents per year.

-Highway 99 is a major highway in the state of California and is considered the most dangerous road in the US with the highest number of fatal accidents according to ABC News.

-The state of California has averaged over 260 fatalities per year resulting from trucking accidents.

California Trucking Laws and Regulations

Because there are so many trucks on the road and there is a lot of risk for accidents with these commercial motor vehicles, there are a lot of rules and regulations that go along with this business. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has strict laws put in place to make the trucking industry safer throughout the US. There are also some state level laws that are put in place to further safety of their citizens. A few of the most common regulations include the following:

  1. Restrictions on hours of service for drivers
  2. License/ registration/ and certification
  3. Routine inspections of trucks

In California, there is a new law that was recently passed that took away paid rest breaks for truck drivers. This doesn’t mean that drivers don’t have to take breaks. All California truck drivers are required by law to take a short break every 4 hours and take one longer break every 5 hours. However, there is worry that this law could possible result in higher rate of trucking accidents in California.

Our firm specializes in truck accident lawsuits and we spend all of our energy and resources making sure our lawyers know everything there is to know about truck accident laws and regulations as well as what it takes to win cases. We are here to help you prove negligence and receive compensation for your damages.

Truck Accident Personal Injury Lawsuit

Truck accidents are extremely dangerous and most of the time unavoidable. Even the most careful drivers are at risk to be in a trucking accident because more often than not, it is caused by the truck or driver of the truck. These type of collisions almost always result in either severe injury or death. It is important that truck accident victims know their legal rights and understand the steps of the process.

The most common factors that contribute to truck accidents include performance and mechanical causes. Performance causes include factors such as driver fatigue and speeding. Speeding is actually the most common cause for fatal accidents. This is even more dangerous for trucks because these vehicles cannot stop as fast or suddenly as smaller cars can. Mechanical causes also lead to truck accidents and these include factors such as vehicle problems due to poor maintenance and improper loading. Brake problems are among the most common causes of trucking accidents due to lack of routine maintenance.

Determining liability in a truck accident is always a tough challenge due to the fact that trucking companies are prepared for accidents and have people ready for defense. There are also a lot of complicated factors that go into truck claims. One of the biggest challenges is determining who is at fault for the accident because of the possibility of many potential liable parties.

Determining liability, preserving evidence, building a case, and determining value of your claim are all important steps in the truck accident lawsuit process that take a lot of experience and knowledge to handle. This is why it is important to hire a qualified California truck accident attorney to help you through the entire process to make sure you get the settlement you deserve.

The Trucking Lawyers Have Proven Results to Win Your California Truck Accident Case

Our team is experienced in all parts of a truck accident lawsuit including investigation, development of case, and negotiation for settlement. We have proven our talent through our previous settlements that consist of numerous multi-million dollar results. Below is a list of some of our truck accident lawsuit settlements that we have worked hard to receive for our clients.

  • $17 Million settlement for trucking accident resulting in wrongful death of 3 people.
  • $13.5 Million settlement for trucking accident resulting in catastrophic injury and permanent disability.
  • $2.5 Million settlement for speeding semi-tractor crash resulting in traumatic brain injury to passenger in utero.
  • $2.25 Million settlement for trucking accident resulting in wrongful death of one and traumatic brain injury and other serious injury to others.
  • $2.05 Million settlement for wrongful death due to trucking accident

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California truck accident lawsuits can be very complex and proving negligence of different parties can be challenging. It is necessary to retain an experienced, dedicated California truck accident attorney to help guide you through the legal process and obtain the settlement you deserve to compensate for damages, pain, and suffering.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a trucking accident in California, please contact The Trucking Lawyers as soon as possible to talk to an experienced attorney. We cover the state of California, including Orange County and Los Angeles.

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