In 2008 there were a total of 455 fatalities due to traffic accidents in Minnesota. Of these 455 deaths, 314 died in vehicles, 25 were pedestrians, 72 were motorcyclists, 10 were on an ATV, 1 was on a snowmobile, 4 died in school bus accident, 10 were commercial truck occupants, and 13 were riding bicycles on the roads. These fatal car accidents may have resulted in 455 fatalities but much more people were negatively affected by these devastating incidents, including mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, husbands and wives. It is up to the surviving family members to restore their shattered lives and move on from this tragedy. The legal team at McEwen & Kestner, PLLC well understands that this is a lot easier said than done.

If someone you love has died in a fatal traffic accident owing to the irresponsibility of another driver contact us immediately at McEwen & Kestner, PLLC. We can help you through this traumatic time and ensure that you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

Contributing Factors to Fatal Car Accidents

Some of the most common contributing factors in single vehicle crashes and multiple vehicle crashes on the road include the following:

  • Speed
  • Driver inattention
  • Chemical impairment (drinking and driving and driving under the influence)
  • Steerage over-correction in a single vehicle accident
  • Failure to yield in multiple vehicle accidents
  • Following too close (tailgating)
  • Vehicle malfunction or mechanical complications
  • Driver inexperience for those under the age of 19

Fatal Car Accident Trauma

The passing of a loved one as the result of an unexpected and fatal automotive accident can be devastating on a number of fronts. The emotional pain is only compounded by the financial loss. It can be a major challenge just finds the courage to move on with one’s life following the death of a close partner. We can help you receive compensation for the following:

  • Any and all funeral and burial costs
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Loss of protected inheritance for any children
  • Financial costs for medication, therapy and other recovering methods
  • Loss of protected income

Fatal Car Accident Conviction

In many cases of this nature that we have handled the victim may have perished at the hands of an irresponsible driver who was impaired by drugs or alcohol. Usually a manslaughter charge will follow such an event. While there might be some relief for a bereaved family at the thought of such justice it does nothing to compensate them in a time of dire need. And nothing of course will bring back to life a deceased father or mother or child.

At McEwen & Kestner, PLLC we are highly sensitive to the grief, frustration and anguish that accompanies such a profound loss. It is precisely at emotionally trying times like this that a bereaved individual needs the guidance and counsel of an objective and experienced professional attorney to navigate the legal straits of these troubled waters. We approach these sensitive cases in the most compassionate and supportive manner possible with a strong focus on alleviating the financial burden that a person may concentrate on healing the emotional wounds. At McEwen & Kestner, PLLC, we have witnessed firsthand how difficult these circumstances can be. You may be so overwhelmed by grief and sadness that financial considerations are the last thing on your mind. Let us handle all the legal intricacies involved in acquiring for you the compensation that you deserve for your unexpected loss while you concentrate on recovering spiritually. Let us assist you in overcoming this tragedy. Contact McEwen & Kestner, PLLC at 651-224-3833 or toll free at 800-732-3070 today to get the legal advice and financial compensation you deserve.