Why Is It Important To Understand Minimizing Driver Fatigue?

Truck driver fatigue plays an important role because, among the 4,000 fatalities that have been caused by buses and crashes, 10 – 20% of those are caused by fatigue. The data is based on the experts who are behind the said report.

One of the policies that have been put into this is to make sure that bus and truck drivers have a maximum number of hours to work and drive on the road. This means that they will have enough time for longer rests and sleeps before their next shift starts, thus, making them more alert while they’re on the road.

The majority of truck and bus drivers are being faced with various stresses, which include economic pressures and changes in their work schedules. Aside from they are more vulnerable to getting not enough sleep, they are also predisposed to develop various chronic health concerns such as hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other health conditions related to obesity.

Do I Need a Trucking Attorney?

After been involved in any type of auto accident, you might be wondering whether you really need the assistance of an attorney. The truth of the matter is, and as any lawyer will tell you, it all depends on a number of factors.

For example, if you’ve been involved in a minor crash and suffered minor injuries and little to no property damage, then you can handle your insurance claim on your own without the help of a lawyer. This is especially so considering that a majority of personal injury lawyers’ fees are usually on a contingency basis. Hence, if your claim is small, the amount that you’ll get to keep in your pocket will be understandably small after settlement.

However, if you or someone close to you sustain catastrophic injuries or dies following a truck accident, then it is highly recommended that you seek an experienced trucking lawyer.

Do I Need To Have A Quick Response Team Following A Truck Accident?

Serious accidents involving trucks occur quite often. There are a fair amount of big rigs out on the roads in the Minneapolis area. When you are in an accident involving a truck, it can be really scary. After a big-rig accident occurs there are several different things that you need to do. Report the accident by calling the police. Then seek out medical treatment for your injuries as soon as you can. After the crash consult with a truck accident attorney. You might be eligible to obtain money for your injuries. Your lawyer will start on the process immediately in order to get the money that you and your entire family need and deserve to receive.

There are several ways that truck accidents differ compared to other vehicle accidents. Trucks are heavier and larger. Therefore, it is very likely for the damage caused by the accident to be quite severe. Usually, trucking companies have higher amounts of insurance coverage compared to other vehicles, so they are able to cover the costs that are associated with more serious fatalities and injuries. Trucking companies frequently have their own team of lawyers who are ready to analyze and review the situation and they have a group of other experts and investigators as well.

Do I Need To Release My Medical Records After Sustaining Injuries From A Truck Accident?

Truck accidents are in most cases very serious and can result in extremely severe injuries. It is very common that the owner’s insurance provider or the driver of the truck will try to make contact with you after the accident. Insurance adjusters will ask questions about your accident and try and obtain information regarding your injuries. It is very important that you know that these insurance companies are not looking after your best interests. In fact, they aim to try and resolve these claims as quickly as possible. They will also attempt to try and get away with not paying you anything at all, or paying you out a small claim.

If you sustained injuries from an accident with a truck, you should contact a truck accident lawyer to help you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

If after an accident with a truck you were injured and hurt, you might be overwhelmed and upset. From here you should be focused on getting the medical attention that you need and to allow an expert truck accident lawyer to deal with your legal issues.

Your attorney is after your best interests and will give you advice on your options and choices which are best suited to your specific case. Do your research to find the very best 18-wheeler accident lawyer in your area as quickly as you can after your accident.

Liability For Improper Cargo Loading Accidents

Trucks can pose a serious threat to our roads’ safety. Falling cargo is one of the major concerns. Whenever a truck loses either an entire or partial load, it can cause very dangerous situations for other drivers on the road. Avoiding debris scattered across the road might be impossible in many cases. Cargo on roads can cause very serious accidents to occur.

Quite often liability for loading cargo improperly is assigned to multiple parties but depends on numerous factors, ranging from who handled the cargo to what caused the accident. Liable parties can include the person responsible for the task in addition to anyone who might have been responsible for supervising or overseeing the job.

Getting a truck accident claim filed can be a complex process. However, if you consult a Trucking Lawyer we can help to determine whether or not the cargo was safe and who may be liable for your improper cargo loading accident.

Should I Provide The Insurance Company With A Statement Following A Truck Accident?

Driving is safer today than it ever was in the past. However, it is still very dangerous. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) reports that an accident takes place in the state about once per minute. Fortunately, many of these accidents are minor. However, at times, they cause serious injuries. If you become injured in an auto accident, it is important to ensure that your rights are protected with assistance from a Minnesota semi-truck accident lawyer. Your attorney can review the details associated with your accident and assist you with obtaining the money that you deserve and need for your injuries.

Following an accident, you will be contacted by the other driver’s insurance company to get a statement from you and to find out about your injuries. It is very important to be aware that insurance representatives usually record their phone conversations. The representative will ask you questions about how you think the accident occurred, what you saw, and what happened. The conversation might appear to be innocent but the way you answer those questions can greatly impact you being able to receive compensation for the damages and injuries you have suffered.

Does The Shortage Of Truck Drivers Have An Effect On Safety?

18-wheelers, semi-trucks and big rig trucks are seen on all roads from interstates to highways. With these vehicles everywhere, most people will be surprised to learn that there is a shortage of around 60,000 commercial truck drivers. One analysis has placed this shortage at around 100,000. There are also experts in the industry that believe this shortage will triple by 2026.

You might wonder why there is a shortage of drivers. Some experts link the decline to an aging workforce, a reduced capacity after certain regulatory changes and the high turnover rates. Safety and lifestyle concerns have also led to truckers leaving the industry. According to USA Today, trucking is the 7th most dangerous occupation in the country. This industry saw 24,7 fatalities per 100 works in 2016 and the most common injuries are bodily reactions and overexertion. The strain of the job will take its toll on the body as truckers work extended shifts and prolonged periods of sitting.

In order to tackle this shortage, many companies are raising their wages as much as 15%. There are other companies that offer signing bonuses for any new employees. The American Trucking Association has stated that this driver shortage will lead to delivery delays and higher prices. There are a lot of different ways that this shortage can affect everyone’s well-being.

What Are The More Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are caused for a wide range of reasons including weather conditions, mechanical functions, human error and the various combinations of these factors. Often times it is the fault of the truck driver’s or their companies that are responsible for the accident. There are several human errors that often cause truck accidents:

– Speeding –– probably the most common cause for truck accidents. Trucks are often traveling too fast to make a safe stop and this can be exacerbated by weather conditions. What often happens is that a very heavy truck will not have the capacity to stop in time and rear-ends the vehicle in front.

– Tailgating –– a fully-loaded truck will need plenty of extra room between them and the car in front of them to fully stop. Tailgating means travelling to close to the car in front of you and greatly increases the risks of serious and even deadly accidents.

– Distracted Driving –– distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents today. Anything that distracts the mind, hands and focus of the driver is a distraction and this includes eating, searching for something in the truck cab, grooming, talking to other passengers and other life threatening acts.

– Fatigue –– it takes stamina and energy to drive for many hours and if the drivers are not taking enough of a rest between shifts can result in driver fatigue and the serious dangers this can cause.

– Aggressive Driving –– there is an increasingly large problem with aggressive driving today. Personal pressures, financial demands and health problems as well as bad moods can cause all kinds of wrecks on the roads.

– Inexperience –– a driver that has not been at the job for long may not have the smooth reaction times and poise to react safely in any situation and can cause terrible accidents. For this reason, all drivers are required to have undergone rigid training and complete a certain number of hours driving trucks before they are allowed to drive professionally.

What Compensation Can I Get For An Injury In A Big Rig Accident?

When you file a truck accident claim, the main purpose of the suit is to receive a settlement or award in exchange for the damages you’ve suffered. Damages are wide-ranging and they can cover both financial and non-economic losses you suffered in the accident. Common damages cited in big-rig truck accident claims include:

Medical expenses
Prescription medication costs
Physical therapy costs
Ongoing and future medical treatment
Wages lost due to inability to work
Reduced earning potential in the future as a result of disability
Emotional trauma
Pain and suffering

Each truck accident case involves a unique set of circumstances that makes it different from every other case. This makes it difficult to compare settlements between cases; a settlement secured by one person can be very different from that received by another due to the unique factors that apply to each case. An attorney with plenty of truck accident experience is your best guide to understanding the damages you have suffered and your strongest advocate for ensuring that you receive fair compensation for them. Your attorney will begin by negotiating with the appropriate insurance company.

What Type Of Damages Can I Claim For After A Truck Accident?

Accidents involving semi-trucks often result in expensive and serious personal injuries, for a number of obvious reasons. The courts will award damages when it comes to a winning plaintiff for the amounts related to the losses you have incurred, which includes both intangible and tangible losses. The 3 primary damage types usually awarded in personal injury cases include punitive damages, non-economic damages, and economic damages.

If the accident has resulted in a death, the spouse of the deceased, or the parents or children are able to file for what is known as a “wrongful death” lawsuit in order to seek compensation for economic and psychological benefits that they would still be enjoying if the person was still alive.

If your relative or you were involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler which has resulted in damages and injuries, it is vital to hire an experienced truck accident lawyer as soon as you can. Your choice in a personal injury attorney may be the best decision that you can make when it comes to your entire case. Your lawyer will assist you in gathering the necessary evidence, negotiating your settlements, and to win your lawsuit if need be.

Why are Truck Tire Blowouts Dangerous?

If you take a look at a large semi-truck, you’ll notice that it has many more tires than a regular passenger car. It is easy to assume that the additional tires help to avoid problems in the event that one of the tires fails. Despite the fact that the additional tires provide support to the truck and help to avoid veering off the road, a tire blowout is still very dangerous and fatal.

In case you were harmed in an accident involving a truck caused by a tire blowout, then you need to seek the assistance of an expert truck accident lawyer. Our team of skilled lawyers are knowledgeable in handling a lot of issues involving truck accidents and will fight hard for you to ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries and damages.No matter how the accident happened, collisions involving trucks can be very dangerous and can lead to catastrophic injuries and even fatalities. In case you sustained injuries in a truck crash, then we can enable you to get the compensation that you are entitled to.

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